Twisted Liquid Cup-Battery

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The Mixing Cup of the Future is Here! Twisted Liquid Mixing Cups are the future of evenly dispersed, delicious shakes. No more manually shaking the cup and getting liquid leaked all over you. All it takes is the tap of a button for 30 seconds, or less, and you have an amazingly blended shake!

– BLENDS BETTER. The powerful 16,000 rpm motor is guaranteed to give you a better blended shake than the old manual shaker cups you have used for years
– NO MORE CLUMPS. The propeller dissolves all clumps giving you a better tasting and smoother shake
– PORTABLE. Twisted Liquid Mixing Cups are lightweight and easy to carry to the gym, work or when traveling
– EASY TO CLEAN. Just add some water and soap, press the button for a few seconds, rinse and you’re¬† done! It’s that simple

SKU: TWB101.

1) Fill the cup with water or a liquid of your choice (maximum fill should be 15 ounces)
2) Add protein powder or other powder
3) Close lid tightly
4) Push button on base for 10-30 seconds
5) Drink and enjoy

Put the batteries in the base

Hand wash: fill the cup with water, add detergent, close the lid tightly and turn the motor on. Rinse with water. Avoid wetting the motor base.

Dishwasher: Cup and lid are dishwasher safe. Make sure to detach the motor base. Never place the motor base in the dishwasher as it may cause damage to the battery.

1) Never touch or tamper with propeller mixing blade
2) Never mix solids (ice, fruit, vegetables, etc.)
3) Never get the base wet as it may damage the motor and batteries